Comenius Project:
"Responsible schools- responsible societies"

Comenius- new experiences and international contacts

At the beginning of our project, we were initially concerned with the 10 principles of Global Compact companies and finding made that exactly these ten principles, or at least consider some of these and have incorporated into their business concept. Deliberately and unwittingly.

About this company (Super Valu, Co.Longford), we collected a lot of information then we processed it in presentations. These were then presented by us in "international conferences" at meetings in the four participating schools.

Our first stop was Spain's capital Madrid, a small group of six Irish students plus two teachers travelled there in February 2011. Each school introduced themselves, their city and school. The first meeting with the other nations was a thrilling and exciting thing and it was surprisingly easy to communicate in English.

The second meeting was in Multyfarnham, not far from Dublin. Here again, six German students, six Hungarians and six Spanish students with their teachers visited our school. Presentations were given on companies that the students had visited and studies.

The third destination was the Hungarian Eger.The same procedure as the previous meeting, again but different presentations. In groups we made up  an ideal companies that satisfied the "10 principles".

Now stands at the last of four meetings in Germany and it has done so much. The work products that have accumulated over the last two years of collaboration are provided on this website.
As part of this project is not only the work was at the forefront, but also socialize with students of partner schools, an experience that none of us will forget.


Bochum, Germany 

Wilson's Hospital School

Multyfarnham, Ireland

IES Manuel de Falla

Coslada, Madrid, Spain